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Professional Services Statement of Work

L5.ai LLC (“Company” or “L5”) is engaged by the Customer (“Customer” or “the Customer”) under this Professional Services Statement of Work (the “SOW”) to deliver the services outlined and described below (the “Professional Services”).

The Customer has purchased L5 ClickUp Accelerated Customer Transformation (ACT). This SOW is governed by L5 and Customer Master Services Agreement (MSA) incorporated by reference.

The MSA can be found at https://l5.ai/master-services-agreement/.

1. Services Approach

The service follows a structured approach over 3 weeks as described below.

Week 1: Prepare
Kickoff: L5 will meet with the Customer to
Kickoff the project and learn about the Customers objectives for ACT.
Customer Readiness Alignment: During Kickoff, L5 will provide a pre-onboarding checklist which will take 1-2 hours of effort to complete. L5 will review the checklist with the Customer 2 working days before our ACT week.

Week 2: ACT Week
During this week, L5 will provide an immersive experience where the Customer will participate in the entire build out of the Customers workspace – from Discovery to Go-Live. L5 will start Discovery on Monday, and the Customer will be Live on Friday.

Week 3: Support Week (Post Prod):
L5 will support the Customer for 1 week after the Customer go-live to answer any questions that may come up.

2. General Definitions
Reference Description
Automations Automate recurring actions on your tasks via ClickUp’s Automation engine.
Custom Fields Additional fields that can be added to your ClickUp Workspace
Dashboards Aggregated visual representation of work through customizable widgets
Space, Folder, Lists subsequent levels of the ClickUp Hierarchy
Templates repeatable hierarchy-based objects or Docs
Views Operational visualization of ClickUp tasks across a variety of different View types
Workflow A component of an end-to-end process that is unique and has a distinct set of data points (fields, stage/phase/status, Automations, and Reports/Dashboards) that aren’t transferrable to another Workflow without modification.
Workspace ClickUp instance and the top level of the Hierarchy
L5 is engaged to provide onboarding services to the Customer. L5 and Customer will work collaboratively to discover, design, and configure up to one (1) Workflow in the Customer’s ClickUp Workspace. This will include regular meetings with the Customer’s relevant teams and stakeholders
This engagement is set for a typical duration of 3 weeks from project kickoff, pending availability of Customer stakeholders and subject matter experts.
L5 will provide up to ten (10) hours to deliver the following Onboarding Deliverables:
3. Scope and Timeline
DeliverableDescriptionAllocation of Hours


(Prep Week)

The kickoff covers introductions, scope and purpose review, and establishes roles and timelines. The outcome will be a mutual understanding of the engagement, Workflows in scope, the terms of this SOW, and a Kickoff Deck.Customer Meeting: 30 Minutes
L5’s Offline Work: 30 Minutes

Readiness Alignment

(Prep Week)

Review customer’s completed pre-onboarding checklist and any process documentation.Customer Meeting: 30 Minutes

Demo & Discovery Workshop

(ACT Week:

Build an initial design based on information provided by the customer during Readiness Alignment. Provide a demo of the initial design and of ClickUp’s capabilities to support the Customer’s use case. Further refine the Customer’s Workflows and define additional business requirements to support them.Customer Meeting: 1 Hour
L5’s Offline Work: 30 Minutes

Offline Build

(ACT Week:

Build out of Customer’s Workflows based on additional information gathered during Discovery.L5’s Offline Work: 1 Hour

Collaborative Build

(ACT Week: Wednesday)

Review build with Customer and make necessary adjustments together.Customer Meeting: 1 Hour
L5’s Offline Work: 1 Hour & 30 Minutes

Validation and Testing

(ACT Week:

Final review and validation to client with minor changes made during the meeting. The outcome from this will be a workable solution ready for launch.Customer Meeting: 1 Hour

Admin Workflow Walkthrough

(ACT Week:

L5 will provide one (1) live training session up to one (1) hour for department leads or trainers. This will be an advanced training workshop on how to use the platform (administrator and user) based on the use cases configured during the Platform Configuration phase. A recording of the training session will be made available.Customer Meeting: 1 Hour

Post Go-Live Support

(Support Week:

Once the engagement enters the “go-live” phase and end- users are using the ClickUp Workspace, ClickUp will remain engaged and provide up to two (2) support sessions up to one (1) hour each for an additional two (2) weeks at which point the onboarding engagement will be concluded.Customer Meeting: 1 Hour

Project Management

(Throughout the term)

ClickUp will provide a Consultant to manage the scope, budget and timeline of the implementation. The Consultant will work with the customer to reduce project risk and provide regular project updates.L5’s Offline Work: 30 Minutes
4. Out of Scope
  • Data migration is not in scope. L5 will demonstrate how to import data during the Collaborative Build workshops.

  • Integrations are not included in the scope of this engagement.

  • Project Management. Due to the short nature of the engagement, no project management effort is included, other than managing schedule and scope. Weekly status reports, etc. will not be provided.
5. Customer Responsibilities
  • The success of the Customers ClickUp implementation depends on making the right personnel available for the workshops. L5 schedule workshops in advance and block out our time accordingly. Therefore, these sessions are non-cancellable, non-transferable and non-refundable. Reschedules require a minimum notice of two (2) weeks. Scheduled hours canceled without prior notice will result in project hours being charged.

  • Services must be utilized within three (3) months of purchase.

  • Customer will assign a point of contact who will be available to answer any questions related to the delivery of services and have authority to make service related decisions.

  • The Customer will take an active part in ensuring the ACT service is successful.

  • The Customer is responsible for any additional end-user training outside the scope of the deliverables listed above.

  • The Customer is responsible for all data migration activities.
8. Fees

The fees for the Services in this SOW are listed in the Order Form (exclusive of T&E, which will be billed at actual cost) and will be due in accordance with the payment terms mentioned in the invoice.

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