Brain WAVE

Use your (ClickUp) Brain to work smarter.

*WAVE©: Widespread Adoption and Value Enhancement

Experience a smooth, sweeping transition to higher
productivity and enhanced value with ClickUp Brain. Value-driven ClickUp adoption starts with L5!

  • Have you been using ClickUp for 6 months or more?
  • Are you curious about how to supercharge your teams’ productivity with ClickUp Brain?
  • Could you use some expert advice and insight on how to get started?


Drive adoption, maximize ClickUp usage.

• Improve your team’s productivity.

• Identify opportunities to

  o Remove inefficiencies.

  o Improve workflow.

• Get Brain to write content for you!


• We analyze your ClickUp Workspace and usage.
• You get:
  o Recommendations on how to supercharge productivity.
  o 4 (Four) office hours with one of our experts to leverage
Brain for enhanced workflows and content.
  o 2 (Two) end user training sessions for your specific usage.

ClickUp Brain with


Contact Us for a personalized pricing plan based on your requirements.
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