Optimize Your ClickUp Workspace with L5.ai Cloud Cover

Get more from your ClickUp workspace with L5.ai’s expertise!

Are you interested in post-onboarding services for ?

Imagine having a dedicated expert to keep building your workspace, fine-tune your processes, and offer ongoing support and guidance. With L5.ai, that dream becomes a reality. Stay ahead with the newest ClickUp features and learn how to make the most of them.

The service


A fractional consultant available to you for a fixed number of hours per month!

Dedicated ClickUp Workspace

A space in your ClickUp workspace for users to interact with L5, ask questions, and receive process-specific support!

Office Hours

Includes designing & building/enhancing ClickUp workflows, answering questions, demoing new features & conducting ongoing reviews!

Quarterly Steering Committee Meetings

Guide the direction of your ClickUp workspace with Quarterly Steering Committee Meetings, ensuring effective governance!

The goals

  • Get more value from ClickUp.
  • Improve team productivity and efficiency.
  • Build more workflows.
  • Get on-going annual support and strategic guidance.
  • Stay attuned with new features and releases from ClickUp.
  • Help drive user adoption.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your ClickUp Workspace!

Leverage expert support, personalized assistance, and strategic guidance with L5.ai's Cloud Cover services.

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Leverage our templates and deploy workflows in 5 days with our experts!


Pre-built templates with expert guidance to use them for your workflows.

Data Migration

Migrate your data to ClickUp seamlessly with L5.ai.

AI Services

AI Coach to help you maximize your usage of ClickUp’s AI features.

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