Leveraging ClickUp for Accelerated Customer Transformation (ACT©)

As a strategic ClickUp partner, L5 uses the platform extensively for all our functions, giving us a deep understanding of its features and capabilities. This knowledge helps us recommend best practices to our customers. One of our most highly reputed service offerings is Accelerated Customer Transformation (ACT©). We are the only partner in the ClickUp ecosystem who can deliver an implementation in five days.

Developing ClickUp Templates for Ideal Industry and Functional Use Cases

To help our customers implement ClickUp in just five business days, we develop ClickUp templates for ideal industry and functional use cases. These templates become accelerators for our customers, allowing them to choose the templates they want to implement. We then customize the templates for their unique environments over a 5-day engagement.

Managing the Development of ClickUp Templates

To manage the development of ClickUp templates, we have an Innovation team that tracks all the template ideas generated by various L5 teams by industry, function, and use case. Then, they work with our GTM (go-to-market) teams to prioritize which templates to build, develop a roadmap, and create investment theses. Once the investment is approved, our Innovation team manages work assignments, develops and tests ClickUp templates, collects and reports progress on roadmaps, and more.

ClickUp Features for Innovation and Product Management

ClickUp’s features, such as task management, time tracking, collaboration tools, sprint planning, and roadmaps, enable us to work together effectively and efficiently, ensuring we deliver highquality solutions on time and within budget. ClickUp also allows us to communicate effectively with our clients, providing regular updates on progress and timelines.


Leveraging ClickUp for Accelerated Customer Transformation (ACT©)  at L5, we rely heavily on ClickUp’s features for innovation and product management. By developing ClickUp templates for ideal industry and functional use cases and managing their development with an innovation team, we can deliver high-quality solutions for our clients in just five business days. Our first-hand experience with ClickUp has allowed us to serve our clients better, and we are proud to be a strategic ClickUp partner.

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