Insurance agency with ClickUp

A Smooth Transition: Insurance Agency Implements ClickUp with L5

Marketing Team Transforms Project Management with L5's Expertise


A large insurance agency’s marketing department sought to enhance project management efficiency by migrating from Wrike to ClickUp. In addition, they aimed to consolidate their processes and boost team productivity with this change.


L5, a strategic transformation partner for ClickUp, stepped in to facilitate the migration. They designed the workspace, established a work hierarchy, and implemented spaces, folders, lists, and views tailored to the marketing team’s needs. L5 also developed templates, forms, and automation, empowering the department to operate exclusively within ClickUp.


The marketing department experienced remarkable improvements in its project management workflows thanks to L5’s expertise. Team members found it easier to collaborate and track project progress in ClickUp, improving communication and overall efficiency.

L5 was pivotal in ensuring the smooth transition from Wrike to ClickUp. Their thorough understanding of ClickUp and their client’s unique requirements allowed them to create a customized solution that matched the marketing team’s expectations. By meticulously crafting the new workspace and providing training, L5 minimized the learning curve. In addition, it facilitated the rapid adoption of ClickUp, making the whole process as effortless as possible for the insurance agency.

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