Manufacturing Streamlines Project

ClickUp Implementation: Manufacturing Company Streamlines New Project Intake

Efficient ClickUp Onboarding Improves Efficiency For Overwhelmed Manufacturing PMO

L5’s Opportunity:

A manufacturing PMO struggled to manage the influx of new project requests from various stakeholders. With different project requirements and a lack of standardization, it was challenging to prioritize projects and allocate resources effectively. This led to delays, missed deadlines, and dissatisfied stakeholders. They bought ClickUp and sought onboarding services.

L5 Solution:

L5 implemented ClickUp forms and templates to standardize new project intake. In Collaboration with the PMO, L5 designed a customized new project intake form that captured all the essential project details, including scope, timelines, and resource requirements. This standardized the intake process, reduced errors, and enabled the team to quickly identify priority projects.

L5 also introduced ClickUp’s project templates, which eliminated the need for repetitive manual work, ensuring consistent project structures and better productivity.


Overall, L5’s ClickUp solution helped the PMO streamline not only their intake process, but also standardize their project management processes, enabling them to handle more projects while maintaining high-quality outcomes. Thanks to L5’s expert guidance, training and ClickUp’s powerful tools, this Manufacturing PMO is now more efficient, productive, and successful than ever before.

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