Migrating an Engineering Team

ClickUp Onboarding: Migrating an Engineering Team From JIRA

Streamlined ClickUp Implementation for Efficient Project Management


A growing tech company had been using Jira for agile project management but faced challenges with the platform’s complexity and limited features. The company sought ClickUp because it is a more user-friendly solution. They also wanted an onboarding partner who could share best practices for Agile project management in ClickUp.


L5’s experts worked closely with the company to implement ClickUp. We designed a workspace tailored to the company’s unique needs and configured key ClickUp Agile project management features like sprint, epic, initiative management, backlog management, story grooming, Kanban Boards, time estimates and tracking, progress tracking and burndown charts. L5 also provided guidance on migrating projects from Jira to ClickUp.


The engineering team likes ClickUp’s intuitive interface and robust features, improved collaboration and communication between team members, increased visibility and transparency of task progress and deadlines and better project planning and execution.

This success story showcases the value of partnering with L5 for ClickUp onboarding services. With L5’s guidance, the tech company was able to transition seamlessly from Jira to ClickUp and unlock the platform’s potential for Agile Project Management.

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